Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor has been an international journalist for more than 25 years. He covered — in person — the horrific events of Hurricane Katrina; has gone on numerous international reporting trips to Cuba, Venezuela, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, and multiple countries across Europe. He has a deep sense of social justice and has helped organize national and local actions for immigrant rights, women’s rights and against police brutality for decades. He has spoken extensively in classrooms, summits, symposiums and other gatherings on politics, writing and activism. Ethnically, Taylor has African American, Puerto Rican and North American indigenous roots. He enjoys making and experiencing art. He is a jeweler and a metalsmith. Taylor is also a professional graphic designer. He enjoys a wide variety of sports and dables in several languages, being fluent in English and Spanish. Taylor is currently Vice President of Publishing for La Mega Media, Inc.

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